I offer clinical supervision to psychoanalytic psychotherapists and counsellors who are interested in the psychodynamic aspects of their work and seeking to deepen their practice. 

Psychoanalytically oriented supervision pays attention to unconscious, as well as conscious, aspects of sessions, as they operate in both therapist and client.  It provides a reflective space in which to develop a detailed, in-depth understanding of particular clients and ways of using such knowledge in treatment.

I have experience in working with therapists and counsellors from a variety of backgrounds, in particular those trained in psychosynthesis, humanistic and integrative psychotherapies.  I find there is often less conflict between different types of talking therapy than is commonly assumed.  I am also interested in applying a psychoanalytic approach within fixed-term and focused treatment models.Supervision takes place weekly or fortnightly. The fee is £40-£60.

For information about psychoanalytically-oriented supervision please contact me on 07983428154 or